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May Thurner Syndrome

May-Thurner syndrome also called iliocaval compression syndrome, Cockett syndrome or iliac vein compression syndrome. The diagnosis of this condition is difficult as one needs to be aware of this entity, This occurs due to an anatomical variant in which the right common iliac artery overrides and compresses the left common iliac vein against the lumbar spine. This variant has been shown to be present in over 20% of the population; however, it is rarely considered in the differential diagnosis of DVT, particularly in patients with other risk factors. The incidence of May-Thurner syndrome is unknown and ranges from 18–49% among patients with left-sided lower extremity DVT.

Patients generally present with Left Ilio Femoral DVT. Also unexplained swelling and recurrent varicose veins. The diagnostic test is either MR/CT Venography.

The treatment is by stenting the common iliac vein.

Common Iliac Vein Compression
Common Iliac Vein

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